• June 14, 2024

The Benefits of Telehealth and How It Can Improve Your Life

Telehealth, also known as tele psychiatry, is the provision of psychiatric care via telecommunication technologies. It is a rapidly growing field that is being used to improve access to mental health services in a variety of settings, including rural and underserved areas. Telehealth allows psychiatrist to provide services to patients who would not otherwise be…

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rid of overweight

What is it and how to get rid of overweight

The WHO defines obesity as “an abnormal or excessive accumulation of fat that can be detrimental to health”; so how to eliminate excess weight from our lives ? This treatable chronic disease is born from bad lifestyle habits: a bad diet and a lack of physical exercise. There are several treatments for overweight and obesity , and for all of…

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How to stay healthy - YouTube

What are the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy?

We know that a good diet is essential for health, but do we know how the body gets the nutrients it needs? What does our body use the nutrients for? or which of them are priorities? The first step to have a healthy diet is to know the food groups and how to combine them to cover the body’s…

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Top 3 Myths & Facts About Neck Pain | UCC for Neck Pain

Treatments and Remedies to relieve and cure neck pain

Neck pain treatments and remedies can help you fully enjoy every moment, instead of wincing at the slightest movement of your head. And it is that when your neck hurts, everything becomes more complicated, from looking at the menu at your favorite restaurant to making the last stitches of that embroidery project or even turning…

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The Scoop on 5 Popular Back Pain Products

Treatment and methods to relieve back pain

Relieving back pain is not exactly a bed of roses, but more of an uphill path. You can get stuck when you least expect it, on the couch or anywhere else, trying not to move a muscle so that terrible pain doesn’t break out. Therefore, relieving it as soon as possible is a priority. We are…

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