• June 14, 2024

Spectacular new trailer for STALKER 2 that reveals its deep story 

One of the games that caught the attention of players when it was introduced was STALKER 2 , this post-apocalyptic shooter that takes us to a world where humanity left havoc through its own mistakes, which have devastated the earth. Although we had many months of silence, now the spectacular trailer of STALKER 2 is finally published, which reveals its deep story and open world, leaving an excellent taste in the mouth. Through the IGN channel , the new and last trailer for STALKER 2 was published, which simply leaves us wanting more. Throughout the video, we get to see the various features the game will have, such as the type of weapons, accessories, and settings we’ll be exploring, along with an excerpt from the story that, frankly, looks very engaging. We will have to discover many mysteries to know the truth of all this.

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This is the spectacular trailer for STALKER 2, which reveals its deep story and open world

Along with the images of the game, and as we told you earlier, the developers also confirmed that the game is still scheduled for release in 2023 , so the good news is increased, since we will be able to enjoy STALKER 2 the same year predicted , and from day one on Xbox Game Pass. Although there are many more details to discover, what this new trailer gave us is a panoramic vision of its story, impressive open world and dark mysteries, which invite us to discover them through their aesthetics, music and dialogues. STALKER 2 will be another of the great Xbox exclusives that will arrive next year, ready to conquer all those players who enjoy good stories, with interesting mysteries and an open world. Despite the difficult times that the developers experienced due to multiple problems, they remain willing to deliver a quality product, which promises to be one of the best releases of the year along with Starfield for Xbox.

Stalker 2 Platforming

The early Stalker games were a classic when it came to pushing your PC to the max: they didn’t work very well, but they could look bleakly impressive if you managed to turn all their settings on (and get hold of a few key mods). Let’s hope that’s not a problem this time, but Stalker 2 is confirmed for Windows PC. It will also come to Xbox Series X / S, and will be part of Xbox Game Pass so you can play it at no additional cost if you are a subscriber. For now it is not known if the game will come to PlayStation 5, but we could anticipate that it could come to the Sony platform at some point.

Story of Stalker 2

The reality is that we still don’t know much about the story that Stalker 2 will tell: its developers have talked more about principles than minutiae about what you’re going to find and who. That leaves us with some concepts that should be reliable, notably that the game will once again be set in the vast zone of contamination surrounding Chernobyl, and that you’ll have to venture into zones rife with anomalies that can change the world around them in powerful ways. There will be other scavengers and factions to navigate and fight with, and we anticipate plenty of non-player characters to help out if you can. If it is like in previous games, you will also have to keep them alive to fulfill the requirements of the various endings. From the trailers we’ve seen so far, it looks like we’ll be playing a male character named Skif, but we don’t have confirmation if he’ll be customizable.

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