• December 2, 2023
Google Sheets

What is Google Sheets? What does it meant for?

Google Sheets is the Google Sheets service for business that is included in the G Suite suite of applications. With Google Sheets you can carry out calculations with simple or very complex formulas. With Google’s collaborative way of working, you can edit the document at the same time as other participants in your team to be more agile in daily processes. All changes are automatically saved as you type, plus you can also use revision history to see previous versions of the same spreadsheet, sorted by date and by change author, so if you’ve gotten out of balance some data you can find when was the moment in which it happened. You can convert all your Excel files to Google spreadsheets and vice versa, so you no longer have to worry about file formats. As in the other G Suite applications, Google Sheets works in the Google cloud, so you won’t need to install any application on your computer, just have a browser to access it.

Google Sheets Tips – 21 Awesome Things Google Sheets Can Do


This App Available for your mobile device, comes under the seal of Google LLC. Which is an online spreadsheet. With which you can share information and edit via the Web in real time. Therefore this tutorial will tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of this Google Spreadsheets application.


Create spreadsheets online or edit the ones you already have from the app. It incorporates Google Spreadsheets , with colored graphics, to make it more pleasing to the eye, and to make it easy and comfortable to identify each line. Its built-in formulas, pivot tables, and formatting options save you time and simplify everyday spreadsheet tasks. Insert comments into the online spreadsheet and respond to them with your work group. With this App you can enter from the comfort of your mobile phone, computer or Tablet to send, create and edit spreadsheets in real time. Share the Google Spreadsheets spreadsheet to your work group, whether in the Labor, Academic, etc. field, which can be edited and shared in real time with your work group for your convenience. Your Documents and files are saved automatically, creating a backup in the Google Drive cloud. The spreadsheets are linked with that of Microsoft Excel . Convert your Files to Excel, open them or modify them directly from the Google application . The spreadsheet gives you instant support and Graphic Information so that you have a general follow-up of your files and formats. You can enter directly from your Google account from your mobile device, Tablet, PC.


To Save Text Editing of Excel documents stored in Google Drive. You will need an Internet connection. Difficulties working online. If several people are working on the same Google spreadsheet, it can get a little slow or give errors, such as: If 2 or more people work on the same unit of cells, it could: Not save the information of one of the two people. 2. Do not save any of the above. Working on formats Edited online by the Google calculator could cause:

  • Failures in the information processing system.
  • Blank worksheet error. Said sheet may not be available for viewing while it is being Edited. Difficulties working in the Google Share Sheet format from your cell phone. You may have difficulty saving documents in Excel automatically. Opening and Editing of Excel sheets subject to your Internet connection. Crashes when trying to Save modifications to a PDF document. It may not automatically save PDF documents to the Google Drive cloud . Edition problems on PDF documents.

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